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  1. Finally, the weather is warmer and the spirit is lifted by the sunshine.

    Made in Italy. This year we have some more of the popular linen dresses with a lovely floral design. Very versatile and very comfortable. They come in 6 sizes and numerous colours, and are £32.90.

    italian dresses 33 90 2016


    Something different for us are these stylish short dresses. Made from a stretchy jersey material, these hug the body perfectly, with a classic skirt design. £21.90

    AB-BDS13D 21 90


    These beautiful embroidered tie dye tops are freesize, and come in numerous colours. £14.90.


    We have a good variety of colours in these Italian tops. Very light and cool, 100% cotton, they come with a plain scarf. £19.90.

    Italian tops 2016

  2. It's been a long time since I updated the blog, so there's an enormous amount that could be added. To avoid overload, I'll stick to the most recent gorgeous Summer clothes that have come into stock.

    We have cool linen dresses from Italy...            italian linen dress in numerous colours...

    and stunning double-layered silk skirts from India...      silk skirt

    Pop into Rowanthorn and see for yourself. :)