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» Listings for 2016

  1. We have such a lot of different gift ideas for this year's Festive Season.

    Our broad selection of fair trade leather bags in different sizes are attracting a lot of interest. Made from quality leather offcuts, the multicoloured bags from India are each unique - starting at £24.

    leather bags 1

    Our plain leather bags from Northern Africa are made especially for our fair trade supplier in Wales, and are made of a quality substantial leather.

    leather shoulder bag

    These very substantial tablet bags are designed to hold your computer, andmade of very sturdy leather. They come in two designs, soft leather and hard leather.

    Tablet bag

  2. One problem that many people face when wanting to buy something at Rowanthorn is there being too much choice!

    Occasionally, people have tried on clothes that they really love and ended up having to leave without buying anything because they can't decide which to have.


    Decisions can be difficult!